Medical soaping solution SW-303


SW-303 is a high-quality detergent specially design for hospital and medical textile, it adopts latest generation bio enzyme formula. SW-303 consists of high quality soap detergent, surfactant, active enzyme, chelating agent. It is eco-friendly, strong cleanability, very low soap. SW-303 can remove blood stain and bacteria effectively, which has strong cleanability and ideal for textile in hospital and medical textile.


Light yellow transparent liquid

Main ingredient: Soap detergent and surfactant

Ph value: 8-9

Concentration: ≥40%


SW-303 consists of high concentrated surfactant, soap detergent, chelating agent and active enzyme etc. It can perfectly use in hard water as well, it can effectively remove stains, milk stains, blood, and vegetable-based stains. SW-303 is ideal for all types of hospital textile such as bedding, patient wear, doctor wear etc, it can effectively remove blood, bacterial on hospital textile.


Ideal for textile and bedding in operation room, hospital bedding, patient wear. Blood and other stains can remove by SW-303


500-600grams of SW-303 for per 100KG of textile. Temperature should around 60-65°C, laundry time 12-15mins.


1.200KG per barrel

2.Please keep in dry and cold place, avoid direct insolation.

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