Soap Detergent Liquid SW-40


SW-40 consists of high concentrated surfactant, soap, chelating agent, enzyme, dirt suspending agent etc. SW-40 has powerful cleanability and also suitable use under hard water condition. It show great performance in removing sweat stain, milk stain, blood stain and vegetable based stains. It is low alkaline level, low foam. SW-40 soap detergent is ideal for all colour and types of towel, bath towel, bed sheet, table sheet, clothes etc. SW-40 can use with other alkaline auxiliary and hydrogen peroxide.


Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid

Main ingredient: Soap and surfactant.

pH value(1% solution): 10-12  

Concentration: 45%


Soap detergent SW-40 is ideal for laundry facility in labour intensive factory, laundry in school, laundry facility in public, laundry facilities in hotel, laundry facility in hospital. SW-40 is suitable to wash towel, bath towel, bed sheet, working dress (including in factory) etc. SW-40 is targeting people require high quality wearing.


350- 400 Grams of soap detergent SW-40 for per 100KG fabrics. (It can use with other alkaline liquid additives). Temperature keep around 60- 70 ℃. 

Main washing for 15-20 mins.


200KG per barrel

Please store in cold and dry place, avoid exposure under sun. Moisture absorption will NOT affect product performance.

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